~  We are a non-smoking facility.  Due to the risk of fire we ask you not to smoke anywhere inside the facility or on the grounds or the porch.  If you must smoke, you will have to go to the beach.

~ Absolutely no ice chests/coolers in the rooms.  You will have to leave them in your car. We have a dining room for your use, with a small refrigerator, and you are welcome to make lunch or snacks and eat there or on the porch as well.  There are small tray tables in your room.

 No children under the age of twelve, no matter how well-behaved.

~  No pets, or animals of any kind, please.  Many of our guests and some family members have allergies.

~  A valid credit card  is required for reservation.  You will be charged at the time of your check-out, unless you cancel your reservation.  We will accept cash, but no personal checks.

~  Check-in time is 3:00 - 6:00 pm, and check-out time is 11:00 am.  If you can not arrive by 6:00 pm, you must arrange your check-in time in advance.  There will be a $20 late check-in fee for ALL late check-ins.

~  We require seven days' notice for cancellation of your reservation.    With less than a seven-day notice, you will be charged for each night of your stay, unless the room is reserved by another party.​

~  Holiday weekends require a fourteen-day advance notice of cancellation, and a two-night minimum stay.  These holidays include Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day.  We are closed for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

~  Although we have done everything possible to provide you with a safe environment, you are responsible for your own safety.  Use caution when hiking or walking about the property, and remain in the lighted areas after dark.  This is a natural environment which you are free to explore at your own risk.

Compass Rose mascots, P.J. and Fuzzworth
A birders' paradise!
In search of new horizons
~  Prices are based on double occupancy.  For only one guest in a room, subtract 15.00.  For an extra person in the room, add 40.00.  If you wish to use the sleeper sofa and have only two guests in the room, there will be a 15.00 linen charge
~ This is our home, as well as a bed and breakfast.  We trust you as we would any invited guest here; however, a charge will be added to your bill for any damaged or missing items.
Garrison Lake at sunrise
the beach at the mouth of the Sixes River
Our backyard pets
 Marley and Oliver